Often people ask about why they should continue taking classes or do regular refresher’s. What is the point of continuing education? There are many benefits to refining your dive skills through continued classwork, refreshers, and a variety of diving experiences.

  • Continuing Education gets you in the water having fun, engaging your brain, keeping you active, and involved.
  • It keeps the sport fresh and exciting. One of the greatest things about diving is that there is always something new to learn, a new challenge to undertake, a new place to explore.
  • Improved diving skills help to preserve our dive environments. Don’t be that diver with poor trim, and bad diving habits that harm the reef or irritates their buddy.
  • Improved skills lead to better air consumption, longer dive times, better pictures, and greater comfort & confidence in the water.


Advanced Open Water... - Advanced Open Water provides the opportunity to expand your skills, increase your depth limit (to 100ft), and explore several different types of specialty diving. It will not make you an “expert” diver, but you will increase your confidence substantially and learn what types of diving that you want to do more of. To complete the certification requires 5 dives and 5 Knowledge Reviews (can be done in-person or online). Required dives are Navigation and Deep, then you get to pick the remaining three (typical choices include night, peak performance, search and recover, photography, or wreck). Advanced Open Water requires 2 dive days and can easily be completed on a quarry weekend or on any trip. Cost $299.

Buoyancy Control... - Peak Performance Buoyancy will help you gain better control of your body in the water, improve your trim and explore which kicking style works best for you. To complete the certification you will need to complete 2 dives and a knowledge review. We recommend a pool session when possible as well. You will analyze video of yourself diving, perfect your weighting, practice ascents and descents, breath control and more. Cost $199

Refresher... - Even Instructors get rusty when we spend too long out of the water. If you have been out of the water for a year or more, a refresher before a dive trip is strongly recommended! All ATA Dive Center trips include a FREE Pre-trip refresher. ATA’s refresher includes 2 pool sessions (and if needed an academic review). At the first pool session you will work closely with an instructor to review gear assembly, check your current weighting needs, and practice entries. We will run through all basic skills spending more time on anything you feel uncomfortable with. Depending on how pool session 1 goes, the second session will either be time for you to practice and play regaining your ease in the water, OR more time working one on one with a staff member to support an area of needed improvement. After completion we will be happy to issue a refresher sticker on your card, sign your log-book, or e-learning log verifying your participation. Cost $75-$105 ATA also offers a complete Companion Refresher Program to certified divers who have a dive buddy taking the Open Water Training.

Companion Refresher... - For already certified divers who have a family member or companion that is doing Open Water Certification with ATA, we offer a unique opportunity. You can complete what is called a Companion Refresher. This allows you to attend all academic, and pool sessions with your new dive buddy to be. You also get to participate in their open water training dives with them. We feel very strongly that buddies who training together make safer dive companions and better divers. The cost for this program is only $150!

This course is hands-down the BEST way to become a more confident, safer diver, and a better dive buddy. If you are a parent with children who dive, this course is essential. Rescue Diver is often mistaken for Public Safety Diver (which it is not). Rescue Class is about learning to problem solve, to prevent accidents, and to know how to help yourself or another diver who is experiencing difficulties. We strongly believe that EVERY DIVER SHOULD TAKE THIS CLASS. To complete the course, you will also need to have current First Aid/CPR certification (which we can provide if you do not have). You will complete Knowledge Reviews, 1- 2 Pool Sessions, and an Open Water Training Weekend where we practice the skills and then apply them to mock scenarios of increasing complexity. Every diver who has taken this class has said it was the best, most rewarding and enjoyable class they have ever done—and yes, that it was hard work! They express great pride and sense of accomplishment in completing the course and talk about how much more confident they feel from having done it. We know that you will agree. We pride ourselves on offering one of the most comprehensive and thorough Rescue Diver Classes available by any dive center. After completing Rescue Diver Certification, we invite you to come refresh your skills and practice any time we offer the course, which is typically 2x a year. Cost $399



  • Deep Diver
  • Enriched Air (Nitrox)
  • Dry Suit
  • Underwater Photography
  • Night Diver
  • Wreck Diver
  • Underwater Navigation
  • Search & Recovery

    Tech Diving

  • Intro to Tech
  • Sidemount
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • Deco Procedures