Go Pro with ATA!

Teaching Scuba Diving is one of the most rewarding things you can possibly imagine. The only thing more exciting than seeing what is down there for yourself, is getting to help other people take their first breath under water or encounter a turtle underwater for the first time.

The pre-requisites to begin training for Divemaster are:

  • 40 Logged Dives
  • Certification through Rescue Diver
  • Great People Skills

The pre-requisites to begin training for Instructor are:

  • 100 Logged Dives
  • Certification through Divemaster or Assistant Instructor
  • Great People Skills

If you are interested in pursuing a dive professional path, stop in at the shop to talk to us about designing a program of study. We are looking to hire more Divemasters and Instructors — internships may be available.