911 Help My Pool Pool Is Leaking:

A leak does not necessarily mean that you need a new liner. Let us help potentially save you $1000’s of dollars in material, labor and water fees. Call! We will ask a few questions over the phone first to see if you actually need our help. If it is determined that a leak visit is in order, we can usually be there within 24hrs. This year with unprecedented growth in demand for pools, it may be impossible to locate a new liner. We can mostly likely fix the problem and get you through at least another season.

After checking the exterior of the pool and mechanicals we will dive the pool on scuba gear, test for and locate the leak (or leaks) and repair them. The $275 fee covers all gear, up to 2 hours labor, and up to 15 normal size patches (up to 5” in diameter). If there are more than 15 holes or holes requiring extremely large patches there could be an additional per patch charge. On vinyl liners, we guarantee patches for the life of the liner. If the pool continues to leak, we will return for a flat hourly rate to find additional leaks. If it is something that we patched on our previous visit there will be no charge. If after diving the pool, we feel that you need a new liner—we will deduct half of the cost of the visit off the final price of a new liner installed by ATA Pool Services.


  • A safe form of entry into the pool is required
  • Water should be relatively clean & balanced
  • Property Owner should be home and available
  • Payment is expected upon arrival

911 Help My Pool Is Green:

There are many possible causes of green pools from an Algae Bloom, to Phosphates, Chemical Imbalances or Lots of Matter in the pool. Perhaps the pool has remained closed for a number of seasons. Don’t worry we specialize in bringing back pools. Give us a call to schedule a Swamp to Swim treatment. Costs vary depending on what is needed.