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We are Pittsburgh’s Friendliest and Most Flexible Dive Center. Our goal is to help you have the most fun you have had in your entire life--while helping you safely learn the awesome sport of diving.

Come experience the passion and fun that makes up the ATA Dive Family. We offer training for beginners through instructor level. We structure our small classes around your schedule, and needs. Whether you are in a hurry because you’re leaving for vacation soon, want to take your time, or you need a lot of extra support…we’ll make sure that you get the training you need to feel confident and safe underwater—without breaking your budget or making you miss other events in your life. Do you love Scuba so much that you want to continue your education, become a Scuba Instructor, or begin technical training? We offer that too. In addition to excellent Scuba Instruction, Travel, and Gear Sales/Service -- ATA also does Swimming Pools! Our staff of competant pool techs can open, close, service, or repair your swimming pool. We Truly are All Things Aquatic.


Why Learn to Dive with Us!

Flexible Scheduling... - We offer the most flexible scheduling of any dive center anywhere, at no extra charge. When you sign up for lessons, bring your calendar. Together, we’ll create your lesson schedule around your calendar. We can get you done in just a few days or you can spread your class out over several months. We have multiple pools where we can set our own hours—so even if you work swing shift, or travel a lot for work, we can accommodate you and your family.

Expert Instruction... - Our Instructors are passionate about diving--and teaching. They are as excited to come to pool with you as they were their first day of diving. Our lead instructor, Beth Cochran is an SDI Course Director, and school teacher of 22 years. As a staff, we take the time to continue our own education and training continually so that we can offer the best to you, the student. Our technical instructors are some of the best in the business. Do you love to teach and work with people? Do you love diving? ATA is always looking for new people to join the team—consider going pro.

Small Class Sizes... - We believe in giving people a lot of individual attention. We keep our classes small so that you can develop good diving skills that will keep you safe. Our class sizes rarely exceed a 4 to 1 instructor student ratio. If we do get a bigger family, or group taking lessons there are always additional dive masters and instructors added to make sure that everyone can have their questions answered and get the attention they deserve. If you want private lessons for your or your family, you can add that option for a small fee.

Transparent & Fair Pricing... - Transparent pricing means that we disclose all the costs up front there are no hidden fees that crop up later, and most of our packages are all-inclusive. You can pick the package the best suits your needs. We never want money to be a barrier to diving, so we do offer payment plans , and have a barter program as well.

Thorough Training... - Not all training programs are created equally. Some dive centers emphasize speed over quality. Diving is not a “checklist item” While we respect your schedule, we want to make sure that you develop the skills that will keep you, your dive buddies, and our precious reefs safe. We emphasize good buoyancy control from the very first lesson. The cost of your lessons include up to 6 sessions if they are needed. If you finish all your skills sooner, you are always welcome to use the rest of them to practice. After your initial training we provide lots of opportunities for you to keep your skills fresh and continue your education. Check out our social events and training calendar.

Friendly, Fun Staff... - Everyone here loves diving and we sincerely like helping people. We take the time to help you find what you need, answer your questions, or just visit and talk about scuba. Feel free to drop in any time—we love it when customers visit. There is never any pressure to buy anything. Stop in for Free Coffee and some of our great snacks!

We Keep You Diving... - Now that your certified, its important to keep your skills fresh. We offer regular pool sessions for practice, lots of local dive events, a social club, 3-5 trips a year and travel planning services. On any given weekend at least one of us in in the water somewhere and we’d love to have you dive with us. Make sure to sign-up for the newsletter, and keep tabs on us through Facebook so that you don’t miss any of the fun.

The ATA Dive Family... - Scuba Diving is so much more that a sport to us. We have seen it change lives, including our own. We hope to provide a place where people can meet for social events and friendships that diving happens to be part of. We offer Atmospheres Absolute Dive Club events monthly, Holiday Parties, and if you have a need—please call us. We consider of customers to be family. We are always glad to support charity events, youth groups and church organizations in any way we can. Are you looking for a place to call home? ATA is always seeking dive enthusiasts who want to be a part of the shop. Talk to Beth, Mike, or Marty if you are interested.

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